Legal Services

An experienced professional, Barry A. Bostrom provides the following legal services:
  • Incorporation and Organizational Advice
  • If you are starting a new organization, or wish to expand your organizational structure for additional educational, lobbying, or political activity, I can give you the legal advice and direction that you need including preparation of articles of incorporation, bylaws, organizational actions or minutes. I can also prepare your state and federal applications for recognition of tax exempt status.

  • Tax Exempt Applications
  • If you have a new organization and need assistance with the preparation of your application for recognition of exemption I can assist you. State and federal forms for exemption may be confusing or difficult to complete, but I have over 25 years of experience in doing so.

  • Compliance Advice
  • Compliance for nonprofit organizations has become an extremely complex multi-layer of federal and state laws and regulations. I offer compliance advice including Federal Election Law, Nonprofit Tax Law, Federal Communications Law, State Campaign Finance Laws Nationwide, and Federal and State Lobbying Laws.

  • Enforcement Actions
  • Sometimes, despite your best efforts at compliance, you find yourself defending an enforcement action before the Federal Election Commission (FEC) or state campaign finance commission or board. Or perhaps you are being audited by the FEC or IRS. You may have done nothing wrong, but someone filed a complaint against you. I can assist you in presenting your best defenses before federal or state authorities.

  • Litigation
  • Occasionally, even nonprofit organizations become involved in litigation. I am an experienced attorney that has handled a variety of litigation matters for nonprofits in state and federal courts. I can assist you, as plaintiff, or defendant, in planning your strategy and supervising your litigation team.

These are only a few of the many services that I offer. For more information, or if you would like to schedule an appointment, call me today.